If one girl games starcraft like a pro it’s Dayna Vendetta

So you think females like Dayna Vendetta aren’t gamers? Think again, it’s not all porn star girls who take their tops off for horny men that enjoy a good time besides a strip club. Lots of women play games to take on the challenge. You think facing a challenge of having a breast size that makes men turned on is hard enough? Think again. Take for instance, Dayna, she started off from a young age dreaming of being that one girl who plays in movies, stars in shows, and is the top actress in porn films. Her many rolls include having sex doggy style, and many other positions. She did never back down from a scene that was too graphic for her to do.

She comes from a town where women get married and have kids that play games and take on bad guys. But she also wanted to take on bed guys, aka guys who she could sleep with in bed. Not all towns and cities engage in porno to this front, but if they are liberal and don’t mind when women get naked then it’s fine. The more men like to view cams, videos, and all pictures found on the net, the more they like to perform those acts. Now, if I were to debate on if I should allow Dayna to come over and play with me, I would love it. She could finger herself like nothing ever before and I would enjoy every second of it. Now that I think of it, supermodels that are gorgeous and live close by you don’t have to find, they will find you and approach you. It is not common for ego boosting females to approach a guy. If you court a girl who has a baby like Dayna did after her scenes, they can be hippies without makeup. It is always easy to so so.

Starcraft players enjoy edible Marijuana

Gaming has come along ways since the old console days of the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis. We now have advanced computers capable of processing graphics at such an intense level that we can hardly distinguish reality from animation. Game developers are also spending more time now writing storylines than ever before. Plot twists and turns are more of a regular aspect of a game rather than an exception. What is the most likely attribution to this? Lots of people claim it comes from the frequent and abundant use of Marijuana and other similar creative drugs. Well drug is a strong word, it all depends on if you see it as a drug or as an herb. Ask the developers of starcraft II what they think it should be referred to as. Or the person who made this post about the years of his marijuana use while playing.

The developers of the game StarCraft 2 were accused of being high while writing the code, and the story line. No wonder it plays more like a movie than an actual video game. So what do we say about such an interesting turn of events from the days that games which involved space monsters and other boogie men seemed so fake and detached from reality. The answer is edible cannabis. Everyone knows that when you eat weed you get higher than you would if you were smoking it out a pipe. So why do gamers who like to get stoned and play World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and other MMORPGs prefer things like pot brownies, and actively seek out instructions on how to make firecrackers with dank marijuana?

It’s speculated because the high from ingesting dope is more of a stimulant to the hand eye coordination. It allows you to see what’s on the video game screen more vividly and enables you to react to the threats in the game more precisely and with faster speeds. Using cannabis to get the upper advantage in an industry that is as competitive as professional video game playing is something new in the 21st century, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a trend that will soon have a greater and greater following.

Starcraft the Shaft

On August 30, Razer company accessories gamer’s, I took the initiative to sponsor professional teams around the world, showing dedication to his passion to grow with Razer and as a team, sponsoring teams of StarCraft and Warcraft, with its slogan Go Pro! invite teams to register and become part of Team Razer is already paying off.

This unit protoss highly acclaimed and discussed by fans Sc2, and is part of the Official List of Units that Blizzard has.
The drive undergone changes after being presented at Blizzcon , even we can not ensure that the Mothership will not change its description as Blizzard makes constant fan polls on this.
“Mother ships Protoss are powerful ships built centuries ago during the height of the expansion for the protoss. Initially they were designed as command ships to lead vast armies of protoss explorers into the darkness of intergalactic space and bring them back safely . But those days are long gone and the surviving motherships became shrines to the protoss, they represent a life of honor and a part of the glorious history of this race. ”

The game has been in the process in this video recorded at Gen Con 2007 show where further work as the Terran . The game itself looks majestic and can not wait to get my hands on. Gradually these videos began to flood the web as it is very close to be the release of ” Starcraft 2 “.

It contains the following elements:

* Artistic elements such as screen shots, sketches, logos and high resolution
* Design elements such as borders, backgrounds, fonts and style sheets.
* Exclusive content: rendered images and icons / avatars for forums or the Messenger .
* A StarCraft II fact sheet and frequently asked questions.
* Sample text content for StarCraft II.
* Tips for building websites.

I think the fans will give very good use sc2 these magnificent utilities as webmasters that will be very helpful.

StarCraft II begins four years after what happened in BroodWar, you read it you will understand a little more of this fascinating story. “Read about the betrayal of Arcturus Mengsk, Kerrigan’s ascension as Queen of Swords, Tassadar noble sacrifice to save his people,” and soon will the second part of this exciting story that tells the base StarCraft II.

Inventions Geek

Today almost by chance I came across a report on the web that really struck me and I wanted to share …

These inventions Geek ..

But … What are inventions Geek?

Geek The word refers to a lover of science, technology, mathematics, modern … but the sense is even wider …

Then the “inventions Geek” crazy mean things are usually very striking and of many colors, based on a series of games, simple games or technologies that made or are all the rage …

This collection of inventions ranging from a tie style 8-bit , created under concepts of the first slideshows somewhat pixelated and really big and defined pixels, a shirt with detector WiFI , based on communications technology of the moment and  pants  lettered keyboard and mouse “decoration” …

Bizarre Release

One of the most important companies in the world (if not the most important ..), had a very unconventional idea to promote your game …

The launch of Electronic Arts, consisted of “bind” multiple copies for different consoles, the game Mass Effect 3 to balloons and release them into the air to fall at the home of some lucky …

Another oddity? if each balloon carried a GPS device to rastear sirviria balloons and who play the game will be holder …

The bad news? probably not going to get any at my house … balloons were launched in London, New York, San Francisco, Berlin and Paris.